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17 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I leave my preferred ghetto of medieval crime fiction rarely. One regular trip I make is to Brunetti’s Venice in the books of Donna Leon. I have now found another destination – Scamarcio’s Italy. I have just come across your books, and have read The Few and The American over the past four days. Despite the fact that your (anti) hero’s name doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue, I find his treading the line between his past and the present irresistible. I hope that there are many more adventures to come.


    • Many thanks Russell. I’m very glad to hear that you enjoyed the books and that you appreciated Scamarcio’s dilemma! The third book in the series is due out later this year and I’m about to start work on a 4th. Will keep you posted. Thanks so much for taking the time to write. Very best, Nadia


  2. I have just read The Few and The American. Excellent reads. Look forward avidly to more. I know it is a clich├ęd term but an iconic character is created. Nuanced yet dramatic story telling of the very best.


  3. Thank you for the response. I am a prodigious reader and the books are quality. More please? I have also got friends and family into them also!
    Your Western Britain fan club! (We are based in Wales)


    • Thanks very much for getting the word out Mike – I really apprecuate it. The third book is being edited right now and should be out late this year or early next. Funnily enough I just started book 4 today after months of procrastination. I’ll keep you posted on that one – lots of work to do! Many thanks again and what a nice thought to actually have a fan club. I’ve always liked the Welsh!


  4. Yes there are many links between Wales and Italy. A lot of Italians came across into Wales at the end of the 19th Century and in the early part of the 20th Century. There were large numbers from the Bardi area of Italy. So there are links within links!
    Look forward to the new book. Best wishes with number 4. Always think of Dylan Thomas with anyone who writes. “In my craft or sullen art”


  5. That is kind of you. Here is another link. Obviously the Welsh Flag is red, white and green as is the Italian but the Dragon on the Welsh flag ( Y Ddraig Goch – the Red Dragon). Some people argue it is from Henry VII, some from King Arthur, plus there is the legend of the 2 dragons fighting in the Mabinogion. But there is even a suspicion that it came from the Romans!
    Best wishes with the writing!!!!!


  6. After Noirwich Crime Festival it has taken me a long time to get round to reading The American, but I promised myself I would. I have now and I really liked it, especially the ending. Very neat and very satisfying. And Scarmarcio is a great character. Look forward to reading more.


  7. I have just finished The Hit. Best of the three so far and the other 2 were excellent.
    Would highly recommend the series for anyone who has missed out to date.
    So many deft twists. Also a multi layered novel. Quite apart from the first class story throw in jealousy, revenge, corruption, love and loss.
    I cannot wait the next book.


  8. Thanks so much Mike. I’m really glad to hear it didn’t disappoint. I’m working hard on the next one now – hence the slow reply. I really appreciate you taking the trouble to write and I’ll let you know when book 4 is due out. Very best, Nadia


  9. Dear Nadia
    Please do not apologise for the slight delay in replying to my comment on your book.
    As I mentioned it was excellent and I would thoroughly recommend it.
    Best wishes with your work.


  10. Just finished The Extremist—-when I picked up the book, could not remember ordering it—thanks–then, I thought she didn’t answer by comment of last fall—thanks again.
    I read the book in 24 hours, only mention that because we have NCAA men’s college basketball going on and there are 2 Kansas schools still in contention. As a result, had to read during breaks, etc.
    Finishing so quickly presented a new problem: what am going to read that will as satisfying and entertaining as The Extremist? It was a great ride with loads of tension, and subtle dark humor.
    You’ve got a constant stream of action, commentary on the vagaries of Italy, and the humanness of Scarmacio.
    Keep them coming!


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