Welcome to the Home Page of Nadia Dalbuono, author of THE FEW, THE AMERICAN (Longlisted for the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger) THE HIT and THE EXTREMIST (due out February 2018).

You can find me on Twitter @NadiaJDalby.



22 thoughts on “Home

  1. Started reading this morning and it kept me enthral led all day.
    Nice to have a hero who has explicit reasons for angst and characters who can maintain their humanity. Horrible things do happen but this novel does not delight in the ghoulish.
    Looking forward to the next book!


  2. Great read, great central character, looking forward to the sequel. As the comment above says you’ve managed to deal with really unpleasant subject matter in a way that was neither voyeuristic nor gratuitously shocking. Well done!! Best wishes Maureen


    • Many thanks Maureen. I’m very glad to hear that you think the book dealt with the subject matter in an acceptable way. I’m just editing the sequel to THE FEW at the moment which should be out later in the year. Very best wishes and thankyou for taking the time to write – it means a lot to a debut author!

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  3. Dear Nadia,
    Wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your book “the few”, and really like your main character.
    Am looking forward to reading your new book, and am so glad that it is coming out by year’s end.
    Well done!


  4. Hi Nadia I have read & very much enjoyed The Few & The American are there more Leone Scamarcio novels to follow? Best wishes Donald


    • Hi Donald. I’m very glad to hear you enjoyed the books. I’m writing the third novel in the series at the moment which should be out in August 2016. A fourth book is scheduled for 2017. Many thanks for your feedback and best wishes, Nadia


  5. Dear Nadia,loved The Few + now starting The American 👍 Opening my eyes to the old country! You even mentioned where my old man is from..Positano! Grazie..Adrian


    • Many thanks Adrian. I’m very glad you enjoyed The Few. I hope you like The American. No mention of Positano in that one I’m afraid but there is an interesting trip north! Many thanks for taking the time to write. Very best, Nadia


  6. Hi, I just fonished both your books. They are really fantastic, good plots, great characters, great locations and dealing with important issues. Looking forward to the next ones. Will they include the same cast of characters? How does Scamarcio deal with his dilemma? Any clues for faithful fans? Moi


    • Many thanks Moi. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed them. Yes, some of the same people will reappear in the later books. Scamarcio finds his dilemma increasingly difficult to deal with but in book 3 THE HIT (due out later this year) it does come to a head a bit and he has to make some uncomfortable decisions. I’ve just started working on book 4 and that should be out next year, all being well. Many thanks for taking the time to write and if you ever had time to post a review on Amazon, I’d really appreciate it! Very best, Nadia


  7. Loved both books…do very pleased that third is coming out this month… Can it be kindled?? Keep up the great writing with engrossing characterisation. Stu


  8. Hi, Nadia. Just discovered your books and my first read was The Hit. Seeing it was the third book in the series, I’m heading straight out to find the first two. I could feel myself immersed back in Italy and wanting to go again very soon..


    • Many thanks for your message Noel. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Hit and that it rekindled your interest in Italy. I very much hope you like the first two in the series. The most recent, The Extremist, follows on from The Hit and sees big changes for Scamaricio. Happy summer reading to you and thanks again for taking the trouble to write!


  9. Really enjoying your writing! Finished The Hit about 1 this morning, sleepy as I was , couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to the continued development of Scamarcio whose combination of anx and doggedness makes him very likable.Well done.


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